Special Issue Recent Statistical Methodologies and Applications

Recent Statistical Methodologies and Applications

November 20, 2014 – November 21, 2014

Statistical research provides new methodologies for scientific decision making by analyzingthe available information to find solutions to real world problems. Bayesian inference providesmethods of drawing inferences combining information collected from experimental data as well as theknowledge that one possesses prior to performing the experiment.

Bayesian inference overcomesmany of the inherent mathematical and logical difficulties faced by the applications of frequentist approach.

During the last three decades, Bayesian theory expanded the coverage for its applications almost in every branch of Science, Technology and Medicine. It helps in the inferential developmentsin very large dimensional scenarios and also in the situations involving conditional, multi-stage andhierarchical structuring of complex modeling scenarios. Knowledge of Bayesian paradigm has thecapability of solving complex problems in a more realistic framework.

Academic conferences provide an environment to enrich and widen the scope of any theory,method and its applications. ISBA Regional meeting and International Workshop/Conference onBayesian Theory and Applications (IWCBTA) was organized at Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, during January 6-10, 2013 to fulfill this objective.

It may be recalled that 2013 is announced as theInternational Year of Statistics and 250th anniversary year of the Bayes theorem. The event can beconsidered as the beginning to commemorate the two events in India.



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